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Q2 Lesson 13 - A Little Boy Shares
Have you ever been away from home with nothing to eat? One day many people were far away from home at mealtime. But Jesus had a surprise for them! “Do not forget . . . to share with others.” HEBREWS 13:16, NIV. Friends share with others.
Q2 Lesson 12 - Special Friends
Do you have a special friend? What do you do with your special friend? Did you know Jesus had special friends? “A friend loves at all times.” PROVERBS 17:17, NIV. Friends always care for each other.
Q2 Lesson 11 - Follow Me
When you hear some good news, what do you do? Do you tell someone about it? Maybe you like to tell your brother or sister. Maybe you want to tell a friend. It’s fun to share good news! “You are my friends.” JOHN 15:14, NIV. Jesus calls us to be His friend
Q2 Lesson 10 - Jesus Goes to a Party
Do you like parties? Do you like to eat yummy food and play games with your family and friends? Jesus liked to have fun, too! He liked to visit with His family and His friends. “Burst into songs of joy together.” ISAIAH 52:9, NIV. We have fun with our fam
Q2 Lesson 09 - The Poor Widow’s Offering
Have you ever watched how people give their offerings in church? The money may be placed, dropped, plopped, or tossed in the collection plate. How did it happen in Jesus’ time? “God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 CORINTHIANS 9:7, NIV.We worship God when we gi
Q2 Lesson 08 - One Said Thank You
Have you ever given something special to someone who didn’t say thank you? How did that make you feel? Once Jesus helped some men get well. What do you think they did?“God, I will give you thanks forever.” PSALM 30:12, NIV. We worship Jesus when we thank
Q2 Lesson 07 - Healed at Last!
Have you ever been sick for a whole day? for two or three days? You probably wanted to get well! The woman in our story today had been sick for a long, long time. She had been sick for 12 years! “Give thanks to the Lord.” 1 CHRONICLES 16:8, NIV. We praise
Q2 Lesson 06 - Jesus Reads in Church
What is your favorite thing about Sabbath School and church? Do you like the songs? The stories? Do you like to be with your friends? Jesus liked to go to church on Sabbath too!“Let us go to the house of the Lord.” PSALM 122:1, NIV.We worship God in Sabba
Q2 Lesson 05 - Anytime, Anywhere
What is the most quiet place you know? Is it a special place you like outside? Is it your own special thinking spot? Jesus had a favorite quiet place too. “Pray to me, and I will listen to you.” JEREMIAH 29:12, NIV. We can talk to Jesus anytime, anywhere.
Q2 Lesson 04 - Breakfast With Jesus
Do you like surprises? a present? to go someplace special with your family? a sweet treat? Everyone likes surprises! Jesus liked them too. In our story today He gave His disciples two surprises! “[Jesus said,] ‘You should do as I have done for you.’
Q2 Lesson 03 - The Woman at the Well
Have you ever been thirsty? So thirsty you couldn’t wait to get a drink? One day when He was traveling, Jesus became very thirsty. Would someone get Him a drink? “Tell how much God has done for you.” LUKE 8:39, NIV. We help others when we tell them
Q2 Lesson 02 - A Big Storm
Have you ever been really, really scared? Maybe a big dog came near you, or you couldn’t find your mother in a store. Everyone feels afraid once in a while. Who helps you feel safe? “The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.” PSALM 118:6, NIV. We can hel
Q2 Lesson 01 - The “You First” Way
Have you ever raced with someone? Maybe you wanted to be the first to the swings, or the first to play with a toy. We all like to be first! A long time ago Jesus had something special to say about being first. “[Jesus said,] ‘If anyone wants to be first,