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Q3 Lesson 13 - Angels All Around
Have you ever been scared of something, like a loud thunderstorm or a big dog? Elisha’s servant was afraid. But Elisha knew what to do. “Pray for each other.” JAMES 5:16, NIV. We help others when we pray for them.
Q3 Lesson 12 - The Floating Axhead
Do you think God knows about the tiniest ant crawling along? He does. He cares about little things. A long time ago God showed someone how much He cared about a little thing. “Serve each other with love.” GALATIANS 5:13, ICB. We can help others, even in s
Q3 Lesson 11 - Poison in the Pot
Do you complain about what’s for supper? I hope not! But I think if you were a student at the school Elisha visited, you might have a good reason to complain about the stew. “For I will surely show you kindness.” 2 SAMUEL 9:7, NIV God helps us see and sup
Q3 Lesson 10 - Alive Again
Have you ever visited a friend’s house and been given good food to eat and a comfortable place to sleep? A woman did that for Elisha. “If one falls down, his friend can help him up.” ECCLESIASTES 4:10, NIV God’s people are kind to one another.
Q3 Lesson 09 - Never-ending Oil
Has your family ever asked to borrow something from a neighbor? Some flour, or perhaps a tool? A poor widow once borrowed some unusual things. “Elisha replied, . . . ‘How can I help you?’ ” 2 KINGS 4:2, NIV. God’s people care for one another.
Q3 Lesson 08 - Up, Up, and Away!
Do you want to go to heaven? What do you want to see there? What do you want to do? Elijah wanted to go too “God . . . gives power and strength to his people.” PSALM 68:35, NIV. God gives us power.
Q3 Lesson 07 - The Boy Is Alive!
Do you remember ever being really, really sick? So sick that you thought you might never get well? That happened to the widow’s son “The Lord . . . cares for those who trust in him.” NAHUM 1:7, NIV. God will always answer our prayers.
Q3 Lesson 06 - Miracle Oil
Paige sat on the porch, ready to bite into her last cookie. Her friend Julie came running over. Uh-oh. What should Paige do? When Elijah was hungry, someone shared with him. “He is our God and we are . . . under his care.” PSALM 95:7, NIV. God uses others
Q3 Lesson 05 - Birds to the Rescue
When you’re hungry, who feeds you? God fed Elijah in a special way. “My God will meet all your needs.” PHILIPPIANS 4:19, NIV. God loves us and gives us everything we need.
Q3 Lesson 04 - Samuel’s Service
What will you be when you grow up? Will you be a leader like Samuel? Samuel continued as judge . . . all the days of his life. 1 SAMUEL 7:15, NIV. I will serve Jesus all my life.
Q3 Lesson 03 - Ears to Hear
When someone calls you to come, do you go quickly? Or do you move slowly, or not at all? Little Samuel heard someone calling him. What do you think he did? Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. 1 SAMUEL 3:9, NIV. We serve God when we listen to His v
Q3 Lesson 02 - Hannah’s Gift to God
Have you ever wondered about people who help at church? You can help too. For his whole life he will be given . . . to the Lord. 1 SAMUEL 1:28, NIV We serve God when we help God’s leaders.
Q3 Lesson 01 - Hannah’s Special Baby
Have you ever felt really sad about something? So sad that you cried? That’s how Hannah felt. May . . . God . . . grant you what you have asked of him. 1 SAMUEL 1:17, NIV. We serve God when we help others.