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Church Ministries

  1. Evangelism Ministry: We are committed to locating and caring for all who are seeking Christ.
  2. Fellowship
  3. We do not believe in leaving you at the baptistery, we make ourselves a home for all. Here you will, meet friends, laugh, talk and bond. New to Georgia? Come and get tips on what is hip and happening in Atlanta.
  4. Health Ministry
  5. There can only be healthy spirituality when we are physically healthy.
  6. Stewardship Ministry: We believe in serving God not only with our time, our talents and our bodies but also with our finances. The Lord said in I Samuel 2:20, Those who honor me I will honor.
  7. Family Wellness: God has provided various types of families in our church. We have numerous programs, seminars and retreats to foster relational, family and financial wellness.
  8. Young People
  9. There is always something for our young people to do!
  10. Education: We have no greater joy than to know that our children follow the Lord – 3 John 4.

If you wish to serve at Belvedere any of these ministries will be happy to have you on board. If you yould like to be a part of one or more of these Ministries, please contact the Pastoral Team.