Men's Ministry
Our ministry provides opportunities to address issues and needs that are uniquely male. Through planned events (seminars, weekend retreats, sports, study groups, prayer breakfasts, and more) timely topics can be explored and aired.

We meet for breakfast monthly in the Fellowship Hall or at a favorite restaurant and, invite a special guest speaker.

The Men's Ministry exists to:

Expand God's Church

  1. We Worship God through family and corporate worship
  2. Provide proactive leadership and service
  3. Be my brother's keeper – Small group activity
  4. Invite someone to church ⁄ group meetings
  5. Give God our very best – Time, Talent, Treasure & Temple

Educate the Male

  1. Free skill training seminars:
    • Basic Plumbing
    • Tiling
    • Dry walling
    • Writing
  2. Job Fairs: Free resume and networking assistance

Foster Social Success

  1. Seminars ⁄ Discussions
  2. Achieving your goals
  3. Maximizing your role as: a male, husband or father and other topics
  4. Christian Finance
  5. Success on the job
  6. Youth ⁄ Elders rapport

Promote Recreational Health

  1. Bi-weekly Meetings ⁄ Breakfast
  2. Movie nights, Football, Basketball, etc.
  3. Games including Dominoes, Checkers, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Soccer, Golf
  4. Retreats, Camping, Fishing and Hunting trips.
  5. Men's Night - dining with the ladies at an exquisite venue with great food and entertainment.

Sponsor Community Improvement

  1. Engage in community outreach
  2. Identify needs – Apply available resources

Throughout the year, our men take on Projects to serve a need in our church or community. These projects are usually pre-planned during our Prayer Breakfast, Men's social Nights or Retreats.